Washington Medical Marijuana Credit Card Processing Services

washington_medical_marijuanaAre you tired of operating as a cash business and want to get set up with credit card processing services at your medical marijuana dispensary in Washington? Let us help!

Operating solely as a cash-only business is dangerous and unnecessary. By offering this alternative payment solution, you’ll not only mitigate your risk, but also provide an added service to your customers.

At Marijuana Merchant Services, we’ve been assisting legal dispensaries across the United States with credit card processing services for several years.

Prior to changes in banking policy in July 2012 that did away with traditional merchant accounts for the mmj industry, we started offering a PIN-based solution that was also called POB or ‘cashless ATM’.

While POB worked well, we now have a better solution in place that is free for your customers.

Process customer credit cards via this unique smartphone app or on your dispensary website by adding the ‘buy now’ button. Your customers will have the ability to select and pay for products on your site for future store pick up or delivery.

Our new solution offers: 

  • No set up fees
  • No monthly fee
  • 1.95% debit card rates
  • 2.95% credit card rates

Get an INSTANT approval today! All you have to do is complete the easy application and you can start processing credit cards right away!

Call us at (800) 261-7346 or email us at info@tpdpay.com to apply today for credit card processing at your dispensary. We look forward to assisting you.