Merchant Services Dispensaries, Collectives & Co-Ops

Even before Visa and MasterCard decided to stop support of the medical marijuana merchant services industry in July 2012, collectives and co-ops struggled to find a processor that was willing to work with them. Since July, the only credit card option still available is Discover.

Unless patients have a Discover card, the only option for dispensaries is to operate as cash only. Today, people are less comfortable carrying the amount of cash that can be required to purchase medicinal cannabis, so dispensaries started installing ATMs. Although it’s a good solution, managing the cash in an ATM can be a burden.

At marijuana merchant servicesTPD, we felt the pain and frustration of the many collectives and co-ops that we had set up with marijuana merchant services that were now left with these few options. We knew there had to be a better alternative.

Until recently, we offered a point-of-banking or POB solution. Although the program worked ‘okay’ for most dispensaries, it was not ideal for customers, as they were required to enter a PIN for credit card purchases as well as debit.

The times have changed! Now we offer a program better than any yet. With debit card rates at 1.95% and credit card rates at just 2.95%, and no monthly fee, all collectives should be implementing this solution.

Best of all, the program offers instant approval! Sign up today and start processing customer credit cards today!

Funds for the sales are electronically deposited within 48 hours.

If you are ready to get started with our low cost marijuana merchant services program for your collective or co-op, call us today at (800) 261-7346.

We look forward to hearing from you!