For the most difficult merchant processing of CBD, Vouchers offer a solution

New robust technology that enable customers to purchase vouchers online and send them to friends and family or purchase products globally at discounted costs.  TPDPay Voucher allows a quick and easy way for merchants and businesses to take orders from their customers and minimize the risk of chargebacks and fraud as the consumer is not buying a product, they are simply purchasing a voucher and redeeming it or transferring it to another voucher user.

Below are some of the benefits and features the Payment Voucher offers to Businesses and consumers.

Benefits & Features for Merchants:

  • Allows customers to pay for and redeem or transfer vouchers with several different payment methods not limited to typical bank card transactions, ACH, AMEX, cash Bitcoins.
  • TPDPay Vouchers has its own custom fraud monitoring tools that will block any fraudulent orders from being processed through where the IP address is not genuine and customer identity can not be verified. Customers also esign that they agree and consent to the voucher terms and conditions which states they are only buying vouchers for legal goods and service, they will not chargeback the order and take full liability for any activity and the merchant nor our gateway  takes any liability on the transactions.
  • Retail and online merchants can use the platform to accept payments via voucher credit requests as well as through load stations for online merchants. They can also enable consumers and themselves to pay bills with the bill pay platform.
  • The platform with addition to the gateway presents very detailed reporting and inventory management so merchants can monitor their activity as well keep track of their tracking numbers and orders.
  • Has an online voucher mall and can advertise merchants and services to help merchants market and bring in addition business. If consumers purchase the merchants product through voucher mall they are given up to a 2% credit towards their next order if purchased and redeemed with a voucher credit.
  • Merchants can use the system to offer and keep track of loyalty reward points or credits for their consumers to ensure satisfaction and to keep them coming back.
  • The platform comes into most benefits for high risk merchants that want to control accept payments from their customers and not worry about chargebacks and being shut down for changing regulations within the payment card industry as the customers are never buying any other product than a payment voucher.

Benefits & features for Consumers:

  • Consumers can shop online freely and anonymously for discounted products and services when purchasing items through the payment voucher system.
  • Consumers can pay their bills with our Bill Pay function via check, credit card credit or wire to location of their choice. we will send payment on consumers behalf.
  • Consumers can safely and anonymously transfer voucher credits anywhere in the world to friends, family or to purchase goods and services through their voucher account. It’s linked to a PIN and Voucher ID so customer’s names and identities are never revealed.
  • We do not sell or trade any personal data and hold the importance of customer anonymity at a very high level