Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensary Loans & Financing

marijuna dispensary fundingMarijuana dispensary owners in Colorado can get the funding or financing they need with a business loan from a banking partner of Marijuana Merchant Services (MMS).

Are you starting a mmj dispensary in Colorado or looking for a business loan for your existing business? Let us help.

MMS is a business services solutions provider that has been assisting the legal medical marijuana industry since 2010.  Although our specialty is credit card processing, we have financial partners that are able to offer business loans to mmj dispensaries in Colorado.

New Business Financing

Opening a new marijuana dispensary can be very challenging. Unless a dispensary owner can acquire funding from private investors, new or start-up marijuana dispensaries in Colorado often have difficulty obtaining the necessary financing to get the business off the ground.

We can help. Our partner is able to offer loans for the purchase of the real estate for a dispensary, as well as mmj equipment-leasing options.

Various financing options are available with competitive rates and favorable terms.

Cash Advance Business Loans

Established marijuana dispensaries in Colorado can obtain quick funding through a cash advance business loan. This type of funding is based on the dispensary’s monthly sales volume.

In addition to being a fast solution to get capital, cash advance loans are popular among mmj dispensaries because of their flexible repayment terms.

With no fixed repayment schedule, a dispensary that chooses a cash advance funding option has the flexibility to repay the loan at their own pace.

The borrower has the ability to use funding for any purpose that best suits their needs. Whether a borrower plans on using funds to open a new location, purchase equipment, or pay down debt does not matter to MMS and our partner.

Get Funding for Your MMJ Dispensary in CO

In most cases approvals for various financing options are easy. While cash advance business loans offer relatively fast funding, approval and funding times can be longer for new business loans and financing.

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