Credit Card Processing Colorado Dispensary | CO Dispensaries

Are you tired of operating as a cash only business and need to accept credit cards at your Colorado marijuana dispensary?

co marijuana credit card processingAt Marijuana Merchant Services, we offer a credit card processing solution to legal dispensaries in Colorado.

Our program works much like a traditional merchant account allowing the customer to pay with a debit or credit card upon checkout.

Unlike a traditional merchant account, however, there is no set up fee and no monthly credit card processing fees! This ends up saving mmj dispensary owners a lot of money over the previous solutions that were available.

And with debit card rates at 1.95% and credit card rates at a low 2.95%, signing up for this program should be a ‘no brainer’!

Operating as a cash-only business is risky. No matter how carefully dispensary owners monitor transactions to prevent employee theft, they have no way to safeguard against robbery.

Why take unnecessary risks at your business?

Recreational & medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado can take credit card payments through a smartphone app or on a website with a special buy button. Now, in additional to in-store credit card purchases, your customers can select and purchase products on your website for later in-store pickup or delivery.

Is your business strictly a medical marijuana delivery service in Colorado? Not a problem. This program will work perfect for you too.

Approvals are INSTANT! Sign up today and your marijuana dispensary in Colorado can accept credit and debit cards same day!

Email us at, or call us at (800) 261-7346 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!