California Medical Marijuana Dispensary Credit Card Processing

Are you looking for a credit card processing solution for your medical marijuana dispensary in California?

california-medical-marijuana-merchant-accountMedical Marijuana Merchant Services has a credit card processing solution in place to enable dispensaries to accept and process credit cards much like traditional merchant accounts.

We previously offered a POB (point-of-banking) to mmj dispensaries in California prior to the major banking changes in July 2012. Now, we have a better debit and credit card processing solution.

Our program has:

  • no set up fee
  • no monthly processing fees
  • 1.95% debit card rates 
  • 2.95% credit card rates
  • Instant approvals

There’s no question that dispensaries that operate as cash-only businesses are at greater risk of theft. Our program offers mmj dispensary owners the opportunity to operate more safely by taking credit card payments for sales.

With the low rates and instant approval, there’s no reason for your dispensary not to use this program!

Customer credit and debit cards are processed in-store through a smartphone app. Customers can also select and pay for products on your website after the easy installation of a ‘buy now’ button.

Sign up today and get set up to take credit cards at your California medical marijuana dispensary today!

Contact us at or call us at (800) 261-7346. We look forward to hearing from you!